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blogger publicity, blogging reviews, blog community, getting publicity and pr for my company, PR, blog giveaways, blog promotions is a very PR friendly blog!

I’m always interested in learning about new brands, products, services, events, businesses and causes that would be a good fit for my blog and provide value to my readers.

xtine danielle is a lifestyle blog by a married,  late-twenties female, with no children (yet) – except for my fur-babies (a dog and cat) – living in Houston, Texas.

I cover a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: travel and tourism, wedding and bridal, love and marriage, health and beauty, Houston area events, social media, pop culture, weight loss, deals and giveaways, philanthropy, positivity, inspiration and much more.

I’m a blogger with a Master’s of Arts in Public Relations and Bachelor’s in Communication. My passions are social media and digital strategy. To learn more about my education background, qualifications and work experience, head over to my Linked In profile.

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(as of April 17, 2016)

30,000+ monthly page views

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If you’re interested in working together and would like to request my media kit or send me a pitch for sponsored content on (including brand ambassadorships, social media campaigns and amplification on my social networks), please get in touch utilizing the form below.

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Brain Support:

I’ve been blessed to be able to share my brain stem surgery experience through my blog. Another blessing is the beauty of social media and how it’s connected me with others all over the world who have undergone or are about to under go their own brain surgery.

A major goal of sharing my story was to inspire others who are going through something similar. I’ve had readers reach out to me and thank me for keeping a positive outlook throughout something that can seem so bleak. I truly believe people can overcome anything with positive thinking, prayers, and support.

I want to send out an open invitation to anyone who is reading this who is dealing with their own brain issue. Please feel free to contact me!

I would love to help in any way that I possibly can — even if it’s just answering your questions or giving some words of encouragement. I know when I was just beginning my road to recovery, the support I received via the Internet, social media, and supporters was incredible and truly did make a world of difference — especially, from those that had been there, done that, and survived brain surgery.

I would absolutely love the chance to pay it forward.

I also have acquired vertical nystagmus as a result of my cavernous malformation that has stuck with me post-brain stem surgery. While the United States doesn’t seem to have a large network of nystagmus support, I am always looking to get in touch with others with this rare condition. Here’s a quick link to all of my nystagmus posts.


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