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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling: Fitness Tips for the Jet Setter In All of Us

Today, I’m so thrilled to have health and travel writer, Cole Millen, guest blogging for! Cole is an avid traveler and foodie with a strong passion for health and fitness. He shares his unique thoughts and perspectives to inspire others to travel the world without risking their health. I couldn’t agree more with Cole’s stance […]

Getting Married in Space City: 5 Houston Wedding Venue Recommendations from Sofia Angeli

I’m so happy to welcome Sofia Angeli of Wedding Buzz Blog to as a featured guest writer. In today’s post, she will be telling us about her top wedding venue recommendations in Houston, Texas and a few in surrounding areas. Choosing the perfect wedding place is a huge decision that every couple has to make when […]

My SOS Leadership Guest Post

Recently, I was asked to participate in the SOS Leadership Austin Leading Ladies‘ blog series. What an absolute honor! Of course, this is pretty exciting for me and something I definitely want to share with you guys. my lovely readers. What is SOS Leadership all about? SOS Leadership Institute is an international leadership development resource center […]

5 Date Ideas for Newlyweds

Yesterday, marked my hubby and I’s anniversary of TEN months of marriage! It’s awesome being newlyweds and getting into the swing of “normal married life” together but I can’t believe we’re just two months away from celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. Time REALLY does fly. People say that the first year of marriage is […]

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