Tips for Improving Your Sleep During Daylight Saving Time

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sleep Number.

Daylight Saving Time is happening this Sunday, March 8th!

You may already know to set your clocks forward an hour but what’s DST (Daylight Saving Time) mean for you and your family? Does the time change really affect us that much? Well, of course, it does! We are losing on an hour of our precious sleep this weekend, aren’t we?

Sleep Number recently conducted a national sleep survey which gathered lots of data from participants all over the United States. Sleep Number is in the business of rest and knows just how important it is to get the best sleep possible. They see Daylight Saving Time as the perfect opportunity to reset your sleep clock for better sleep quality.

Tips for Better Sleep During and After Daylight Saving Time

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According to the new national sleep survey from Sleep Number, over half (54%) of the respondents don’t feel they are getting enough sleep to be at their best.

I know that I can totally relate to this. I am constantly wishing for better quality sleep. Unlike my husband, I am a very light sleeper and get woken up very easily. I wish I could just knock out as soon as I get to bed for hours on end for uninterrupted magically restoring sleep but it just doesn’t seem to happen for me – that’s why I’m really excited to try these tips for myself!

15 minutes earlier

So to make the time change easier, Sleep Number suggests going to bed 15 minutes earlier to get your body used to not having that extra hour.

If you start going to bed a little earlier tonight until Saturday night, this should definitely make the time switch much easier so we don’t feel as robbed of our extra one hour of sleep come Sunday morning. Your family will thank you when you’re a whole heck of a lot less grumpy than you could be about the situation!

Limit your caffeine intake to before noon

Did you know it can take up to seven hours for caffeine to wear off and leave your system? Try setting a no-caffeine past noon rule with yourself so you’re not wired when it’s time to start winding down for the night. If you’re a coffee addict like me, this can be a little challenging but remember, there’s always de-caf if you’d like an afternoon or evening cup of joe.

Put down the screens

The Sleep Number survey results indicated that people who use devices right before bed are more likely to feel like they don’t get enough sleep (51%). People in the Western region of the United States are the biggest tech-in-bed offenders with 66 % of respondents admitting to bringing their electronics to bed.

I know I’m totally guilty of this, as well. I’m a sucker for messing with my iPhone or iPad in bed because I like to think scrolling through Pinterest winds me down – but in actuality, it really doesn’t.

Try making your bedroom a screen-free zone before bedtime. You might also try meditating with the lights off and just focusing on your breathing. By giving your eyes and brain a break along with some time to relax before catching those zzz’s, you will actually promote the sleep hormone, melatonin, which triggers sleepiness. This will help you achieve better sleep quality.

Monitor your sleep to improve it

58% of people wish they knew more about how to improve the quality of their sleep, yet only 16% actually monitor their sleep (versus the 41% who track exercise and 43% who track their diet). Women are more likely to focus on improving their sleep compared to men. Sleep Number’s SleepIQ® technology offers a simple solution to those who want to achieve better sleep.

If you happen to use a fitness tracker like Jawbone or FitBit, you are easily able to track your sleep. It’s interesting to actually see how many hours you’re getting each night and what the quality of that sleep truly is.

How does the Daylight Saving Time change affect you and your family?

For me, the time change affects me greatly since I avoid driving at night because of my nystagmus condition. I switch up my work schedule to accommodate for these changes.

I have come to learn that making sleep a priority is a TOTAL MUST and I’m not ashamed to admit that you’ll usually find me in bed by 9 p.m. most nights! Getting quality sleep time is SO important not only for our health, weight loss efforts, and productivity – but also for our sanity and mental well being.

Thank you to Sleep Number for sponsoring this post and providing their interesting tips and data! Visit their dedicated Daylight Savings Time Tips page for more information on how to get the best sleep!

Don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour on Sunday!

Weight Loss Inspiration Resources for Your Eyes, Ears, and Heart #WeightLossWednesday

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In an earlier post, I wrote about how to stay inspired on your weight loss journey. For today’s #WeightLossWednesday post, I’m following up with a few of my favorite recommendations to help keep you going! These are my weight loss inspiration resources for your eyes, ears, and heart.

Inspiring Weight Loss TV Shows:

Extreme Weight Loss

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I am a HUGE fan of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Chris and Heidi Powell are incredible at what they do and the transformations that they facilitate amongst their program participants. This show is full of shiny golden weight loss inspiration nuggets and I love it.

What I like most about this series is how the show focuses on the internal transformation that happens when someone goes on a weight loss journey and is successful. You see all the phases of their year long journey – the beginning, the during, the after, the struggles, the accomplishments, sometimes even the steps backwards, and then moving forward again – all packed in one episode.

It’s a very real take on what weight loss is like for many of us because the contestants do eventually have to go back to their everyday lives and make changes to accommodate their goals. Unlike The Biggest Loser, as much as we might wish – unfortunately, our lifestyles don’t allow us to make the gym our full time jobs – so I find EWL to be just a bit more relatable, although, both are great shows – and the #INSPO moments are a-plenty!

My 600-lb Life

my 600 lb life show, houston weight loss doctor nowzardan, 600 pound life houston showThis TLC show chronicles the lives of extremely morbidly obese individuals who are facing their own mortality if they don’t lose weight soon. All of the people featured on this program struggle have severe food addictions, usually stemming from a very traumatic event that has happened to them earlier in life. I appreciate the fact that this show tackles these very tough, yet very real topics of emotional eating and food addiction. It’s about time somebody shed some light on these stigmatic diseases that are a terrible reality for some people.

This show also shines light on the serious nature of what it’s like to have enablers surround you that are detrimental and don’t even realize it.

Each of the show’s participants travels to Houston to receive care and treatment from top bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan. He is one of the only doctors that will perform weight loss surgery on patients of these sizes. Another fun tidbit is that his office is actually located in the heart of West University just a few short miles from the Texas Medical Center. (Ironically, his office is located in a shopping center, directly across from a Chinese buffet.. oh, the irony!)

I have to warn you, the My 600-lb Life series – especially, this current season, is sometimes EXTREMELY difficult to watch but I always leave inspired to stay on track and keep moving forward. It really drives home the notion that there’s always somebody else out there who has it much worse than you and would give anything to be in your shoes right at this very moment (especially, in terms of your weight loss journey).

Inspiring Weight Loss and Health Living Podcasts:

When making a lifestyle change, it’s really great to dive in and learn as much as you can. I’ve found the following podcasts to be super helpful in covering interesting weight loss and healthy living topics! I love listening to these to and from my drive to work.

Cut the Fat

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This podcast began in 2009 when Dr. Ray Hinish and fitness expert, Blythe Alberg, discovered their shared passions for fitness, fat loss, and helping others achieve their weight loss and healthy living goals.

Currently, there are 74 episodes which are all available for download at or through the Apple Podcasts app.

I very highly recommend these specific episodes on your weight loss journey. They’ve been especially helpful to me while getting back on track with my weight loss goals and pursuit of implementing lifestyle changes for the long run.

Episode 70 & Episode 72 – Becoming a Weight Loss Pro – The Secrets to Weight Loss Success

Dive in and take a listen! These podcasts are so full of amazing weight loss inspiration content. Dr. Ray and Blythe make such fantastic points, give great advice, and are truly are an awesome source for weight loss motivation.

Fit Life with Blythe

Recently, Blythe has also started her very own podcast, Fit Life with Blythe – available for download on her website or in the Apple Podcast app.

Blythe always starts each of her podcasts with her mission statement:

My goal is to help you as individually as I can. My promise to you is to help life coach you into the fittest you yet! That’s right, I said LIFE COACH… because being fit isn’t just eating right and exercising – it truly is a WAY of life.

She tackles interesting weight loss topics, as well, and offers some great tips. I love the emphasis on lifestyle.

I hope you guys check out some of these recommendations and find them helpful! Thanks for reading and remember you can follow my weight loss journey on Instagram, as well!

I would love to hear from you. Tell me about your weight loss journey in the comments section.

Have you seen these tv shows? What do you think about them?

Do you have any tv shows or podcasts to add to this list?

What keeps you inspired on your weight loss journey?

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I’m REALLY excited to kick off the month of March with an AMAZING giveaway for you guys courtesy of Jenny Craig!

I’ve been on my weight loss journey since September 2014 and along the way, I’ve heard from many of you who are also working to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve been blessed to be working with Jenny Craig these last few weeks as a part of their blogger program. In my last 21 days on the program, I have lost 12 pounds and gained a ton of knowledge, support, and motivation.

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Reliant Rodeo Plan Offers New Customers Free Boots With Their Energy Deal + Your Chance to WIN a $200 Justin® Boots Voucher Giveaway

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post from NRG and Reliant.

It’s finally Rodeo time in Houston! From March 2 – 22nd, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo take over NRG Park.

One of my favorite things about this time of year in Houston is experiencing all of the Go Texan energy and spirit around town. There are so many wonderful things to love about Rodeo Houston – the carnival, the musical acts, the once a year foods only available at your favorite concession booths, the livestock shows and exhibits, and the list goes on! (Please share with me in the comments section about your Rodeo favorites.)


As the official energy partner of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, NRG® and Reliant® are offering a very special deal to new customers!

The Reliant Rodeo Plan is offered especially to Rodeo fans and includes:

  • competitive pricing on electricity for 12 months
  • 24/7 customer service and support, either online or by phone
  • access to information and tools that put you in control of your electricity budget
  • a free pair of Justin® boots!

Visit Reliant’s website to take advantage of The Reliant Rodeo Plan offerings.

My husband and I are Reliant customers and have been ever since we started living together years ago. We know we can always count on them for good pricing on our electricity bill and great customer service.

If you’re in the market for a new energy provider in the Houston area, give Reliant a try.

Some things we really appreciate about using Reliant as our energy provider is their online support and web platform. They make it easy for us to monitor our account and see what we’re spending. They call it “your energy dashboard” and keep it at your finger tips with apps for your smart phone or tablet.

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Other free tools offered by Reliant to help you better manage your home’s electricity usage include:

  • paperless billing
  • auto-pay options (credit card, debit card, or with an electronic check)
  • average billing
  • weekly summary e-mails sent directly to your inbox (you set up this customized report to see exactly the information you’d like to help you make better choices about your energy use – for example: comparisons of usage and costs, weather effects and projected bill estimates)
  • energywise® monthly newsletter so you can keep up with energy industry trends and receive energy-saving tips straight to your inbox

Win a $200 Justin® Boots Voucher!

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Enter for your chance to WIN a free pair of boots courtesy of NRG and Reliant. Enter the Rafflecopter below to score chances to win a Justin® Boots voucher worth $200 – just in time for Rodeo season!

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Experiencing Cirque du Soleil’s AMALUNA – Houston Show Review

A few weeks ago, you might remember that I hosted a ticket giveaway for Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna under The Big Top at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston. If you live in Houston, chances are, you’ve probably seen the billboards around town and the commercials on tv.

Sunday evening, I was lucky enough to attend the show with a friend of mine. This was both of our first time’s to experience a Cirque du Soliel show and I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

houston cirque du soleil

AMALUNA was an amazing show from start to finish.

sam houston race park amaluna
As soon as you walk in to the venue, I noticed a really strong popcorn smell to set the circus mood. I was surprised to learn that’s actually done on purpose and is part of the Cirque production! How clever because I did get that circus sensation. Cirque du Soleil truly is an experience for all of the senses – even smell! Who knew?

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The music and visual aspects are absolutely enthralling.

The production team do a wonderful job of not only taking you to, but immersing you in the island of Amaluna. First, you meet a young, beautiful girl named Miranda and follow her as she falls in love with her Romeo. You meet a number of interesting characters along the way including her lizard friend, her protectors, and the island’s many beautiful goddesses.

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There are all kinds of acrobatic surprises throughout the show. These performers are absolutely incredible. It seems impossible some of the things they are able to do with their bodies.

amaluna houston show
The cast represents seventeen different nationalities all represented by flags at the entrance of The Big Top. While majority of the performers are ex-gymnasts, each has their own speciality and contribute something entirely unique to the Amaluna show.

amaluna gymnasts

You can catch AMALUNA in Houston through March 22, 2015! Get your tickets today!

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AMALUNA is a great show for the whole family but I also recommend it for a girl’s night out!

Unlike other Cirque du Soliel productions, this cast is 70% female including an all girl band (which sound awesome). There’s a definite sense of girl power behind this production and that is intentionally done by the show’s producers. It’s about time to let the girls shine! Amaluna is a prime example and celebration of the strength and beauty found in every woman.

cirque du soleil femme

Thanks to Cirque du Soleil for providing the tickets for this review and sponsoring this post!

Have you seen AMALUNA? What’d you think of the show?

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